Electroenum group simply reported as of late about the Electroneum fork that will occur in the chain. This fork is a greater amount of like difference from the monero dislike a typical fork.

Electroneum is among the quickest developing ICO coin presented in the September 2017 and right now holds around a huge number of speculators and diggers. Also, among the main coins which have the ability of mining from a cell phone with a decent result.

Get Started Mining Electroneum With GPU/CPU And Mobile

Why Electroneum Fork?
It is seen that the blockchain of ASIC excavators are flooding and the group is stressed over the blockchain tech.

For the individuals who don’t have the foggiest idea, electroneum keeps running as monero as a standard. Means the code is like that of monero blockchain

Monero goes on a refresh at regular intervals. The designer is seeking after a chance to refresh the current coin and separate from the monero as standard.

Since the electroneum depends on the monero blockchain code.
When this Fork Going To Happen?

As mentioned the fork is going to happen on 30 May 2018. The fork is going to take place at block 307500 which is approximately 10.30am BST on May 30th

Do you need to worry?
All things considered, the group has quite recently said to refresh all product including the application after the fork has happened.

Designers clarified this isn’t a fork like bitcoin to bitcoin gold or some other. The principle target of this fork is to refresh the current hubs in the electroneum arrange, accordingly this fork wouldn’t bring about two monetary forms.

What you have to do while the fork happens?

we will go to see some recognizable measure of instability in the cost. Since the gigantic whales going to purchase the coin influencing the cost to surge and will auction once the value hits the sky.

On the off chance that you need to profit exchanging the electroneum amid this period, at that point purchase the coin now and offer it soon after the fork is finished with the cost at the sky.

However, running long shot, holders are suggested holding the coin for a more extended period. The testing of the codes is going right now and the conclusion will go to be in real life before the month’s over may.

Main Features of the Electroneum Fork

1-Going to be Anti- ASIC.
2-Will focus on instant payments and instant micropayments.
3-The fees going to be raised to 0.1 ETN.
4-Increase in block size.
5-Disabling of RingCT & Mixin. RingCT; Some privacy feature will be going to be disabled 6-but the bulk transactions going to improve.
7-Mempool life will be increasing to 3 days which ensures a significant reduction in the 8-possibility of returned transactions due to high transaction volume.
9-Mining blocks every 2 minutes, which will reduce orphan blocks.
10-Reducing difficulty window.
11-Doubling the block reward




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