Day by Day Bitcoin purchasing demand is rising and can help you ride the upswings before they can happen. Mostly we do find ourselves seeing the buying opportunity their i don’t see any advantages. We desperately want to buy but we don’t know how to exchange/convert our fiat money in to digital currency like bitcoin fast enough. There we have clear option to use our Credit and Debit card for buy digital currency. Just select your preferred card and make the trades.

Many questions com to mind while deciding which service to use. Do you want the most cost efficient, the best supported service or the fastest and most reliable, Luckily below you’ll find most popular bitcoin exchanges with Credit/Debit card supported.

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Coinmama website user interface is user friendly. They suggest fixed amount of BTC to give you idea how the exchange rates convert to actual values. Coinmama also have option to manually enter your desired price to convert your money into digital currency. To use Credit/Debit card Coinmama need account verification before any purchase.

Coinmama charges a fee of 6.30% for fiat to digital currency bitcoin trades. You can buy up to $150 worth of Bitcoin without verification (verified accounts can buy $5000/daily and up to $20000/month).

Pros: Good support, respectable company, fast service
Cons: Limited States in the USA

Almost every crypto lover knows about coinbase as one of the top Bitcoin exchange in the world. Coinbase is bring cryptocurrency to public since 2012. Coinbase is very propular for buying Bitcoin with Credit/debit card Since early days of cryptocurrency exchanges. Create an account on coinbase link your credit/debit card and start purchasing.


Coinbase fees are low on credit/debit card purchasing. Fee range will be 3.99% as compared to other’s in market its remarkably low. On the other hand price of limited buying option due to heavy regulations.

Pros: User friendly interface, Relatively low fees, Established reputation
Cons: Not available worldwide, Support takes time to respond

Bitpanda stand out himself by offering many different payments methods to purchase bitcoin. Due to many payment methods bitpanda is very close to the average market rate even compounding the price with the costs of credit card payments.

Bitpanda charges a 2% Credit Card fee in addition to an average of a 2% increase from the going market rate.

Pros: Multiple payment options, relatively low fees
Cons: Fees are hidden inside the exchange rate, EU citizens only

Bitstamp is first fully licensed bitcoin exchange in the world. Bitstamp provide variety of payment methods Debit/Credit card purchases, Bank Transfer, SEPA transfer etc… you can even cash out your balance into gold.

Credit card purchases over Bitstamp also follow fixed fee system.

For up to 500$/500Euro purchases the fee is 8%.
For up to 1000$/1000Euro purchases the fee is 7%.
For up to 2500$/2500Euro purchases the fee is 6%.
For up to 5000$/5000Euro purchases the fee is 5%.

Pros: Great reputation, multiple payment options, accepts customer worldwide
Cons: Average fees, verification process can take a long time, not very user friendly

Coinhouse is definitely a house bitcoin in Paris, Instant servicing, regulator compliance, transparency and reputations. of the payment confirmation you can get your bitcoin almost instantly. Especially useful for people who trade in large quantities according to interface.

Coinhouse rates are based on the transaction size, For example 10% for up to 5000Euros, 9% between 5000 and 20000 euros and 8% for more then 20000.

Pros: Reputable company, high buying limits
Cons: Limited countries available, higher exchange rates

VirWox is various virtual assets exchange since 2007. VirWox was created for Linden Dollars exchanges, which currency used in Second Life– a virtual life game involving investment that have real value and an be traded online. VirWox added to support for bitcoin in 2011. On VirWox you have to trade for BTC/USD instead of buy bitcoin from Credit/Debit Card.

Fee of VirWox are reasonable round about 3.5% conversation stage although the requirement for linden dollars as a necessary step between fiat and bitcoin. It makes roughly 7% overall fee.

Pros: No verification needed, available worldwide
Cons: High fees, poor support

IndaCoin will immediately guide you to purchase from credit card from the start. From all over the world credit card are accepted and the fiat amount is deposited in euros and US Dollars. IndoCoin is a portal for purchasing bitcoin from credit and debit cards. Purchasing limit are tight at $100,$200 and $500 per day on your account level.

IndiaCoin fee are high at 14% for credit/debit card transactions.

Pros: Good support, available worldwide
Cons: High fees, not enough reputation yet interface is relatively very simple you can point out your browser simply to to purchase bitcoin from credit/debit cards.

For Credit card payment processing they use Simplex and simplex charge 5% to process payment from credit/debit cards. charges a 2.5% fee from Bitcoin purchaser. Purchasing Bitcoin from using credit/debit card you will be charged 7.5% fee and as reasonable for bitcoin exchanges in the market.

Pros: Simple Process
Cons: High Fee, Questionable Support

Most popular way to purchase bitcoin locally is through You have huge payments options to purchase bitcoin locally. You can use credit/debit card to buy bitcoin from Like other bitcoin exchanges user offer bitcoin for sale. The Price depend on user, and the current demand of user, surely the exchange rate will be well above the market average. Each seller have the review history which give you idea how credible the seller. its a great platform for peer to peer bitcoin exchange with low fee.




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